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TERRATEC Solar Black Post Cap Bug Zapper

TERRATEC Solar Black Post Cap Bug Zapper
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Model: Bug Zapper
Manufacturer: Terratec

 TERRATEC Solar Black Post Cap Bug Zapper and Light

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 During the day, the solar panel collects sunlight and converts it into electrical power that is stored in two rechargeable batteries (included). At night, the photocell (light sensing device) senses the absence of light and turns the light on using the electricity stored during the day. The more sunlight the fixture gets, the stronger the charge will be and the longer the bulbs will stay lit.


 The Terratec Solar Bug Zapper Post Cap utilizes two blue LED (light emitting diode) bulbs to attract bugs to the bug-zapping mesh and one white LED bulb for mood lighting (the switch to change from bug zapper to mood light is located under the cap top). LED bulbs are a highly efficient source of light compared to other types of bulbs and they rarely need to be replaced. On average, an LED will last approximately 100,000 hours or more.




 1. Install in a location that gets a full day of direct sunlight. Do not install in a shady area.


 2. The fixture should receive a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight per day for optimal performance at night.


 3. Be sure the location is not near night time light sources such as streetlights or porch lights. If bright enough, these light sources may cause the photocell to turn the fixture off.


     4. Terratec Solar Post Caps work independently of each other and there is no wiring necessary. They may be installed as far apart as needed.



 1. Remove Post Cap and screws from the box.


 2. Place the Post Cap on your post and secure with the screws included in the box using a Phillips-head driver.



 3. To activate the light, after installing the Post Cap, twist off the top of the Post Cap (the section with the solar panel) by rotating it counter- clockwise. Inside the top, you’ll find an on/off switch. The middle position is off. Sliding it either left or right will activate the batteries. One side for bug zapper and the other for mood light.

 4. Reattach the top of the Post Cap to the bottom by placing the slots over the tabs on the bottom section and turning clockwise until locked into position.

    5. There is a thin protective film over the solar panel on the top of the Post Cap. Gently peel off this protective film after installation.



 If your solar post cap light does not turn on at night, it may be caused by one of the following conditions:


 1. Batteries not fully charged: Make sure the fixture is placed in an area where the solar panel gets a maximum amount of full, direct sunlight every day. If the solar panel does not receive enough sunlight during the day (e.g. due to heavy clouds or overcast weather conditions), it will be recharged on the next sunny day and resume operation.



 2. Other light sources: If your Post Cap is located too close to bright street lights, porch lights or other lights, the photocell (light sensing device) may turn off the fixture. Relocate the Post Cap or turn off/eliminate other light sources.

 3. Not enough direct sunlight: Ensure that the Post Caps are not installed in shady areas, for example, in the shadow of trees or a house. If necessary, move the fixtures to an area that gets full direct sunlight.   


 4. Batteries may need to be replaced: Always replace with new rechargeable batteries that have a similar rating and type to the one shipped with the original fixture. Do not use non-rechargeable batteries.


5. On/off switch inside the top cap may be in centre off position.


  6. If you want bug zapper mode, but light is white, then mood light is switched on. To remedy, take off cap top and flip switch to the opposite side for bug zapper mode.      

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