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Millboard Bullnose Edging (standard / flexible)

Millboard Bullnose Edging (standard / flexible)
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Model: Millboard Edging

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Bullnose edging:

Millboard have paid attention to the details, with a range of edging that perfectly compliments your Millboard decking, yet gives you the freedom to create your own distinctive look.  The edging is available in every Millboard colour and offer boths a rigid and flexible design.  The flexible is perfect to use on the unusual, curved and contoured spaces.

Choose the bullnose edging for a subtle look or the brank new square edge for added interest.  Each edging strip works perfectly ith the textured design of the deck boards and lends every space an elegant and framed look.


Standard: 3200mm x 50mm x 33mm

Flexible: 2400mm x 50mm x 33mm

Colour Options

Coppered Oak, Driftwood/Smoked, Emberred/Charred Oak

Golden Oak, Jarrah, Limed Oak, Vintage/Bronzed Oak

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